What Is The Difference Between American Steel And China Steel In Gun Safes?

When you buy a gun, you come across numerous custom gun safe made with Chinese steel and American steel. Do not get allured by the fake guarantees and cheap prices of Chinese steel. Chinese steel does not deserve your money and time.

Let us look at some of the differences between American steel and Chinese steel to find out what is best for you.

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Which steel is stronger?

American steel is 3x stronger than Chinese steel. Although some variations may occur in the exact difference of strength of the two kinds of steel, the American gun safe is much stronger than the Chinese gun safe. This implies that the American gun safe will last longer and is less likely to break due. The structural integrity of the American custom gun safe accounts for its reliability.

An individual always looks for reliability and high quality while buying a gun safe.

It is clear who is the winner here!

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The oxidation levels of American steel is lower

The American steel possesses lower oxidation levels, which imply that it does not get rust over time and is less likely to degrade.

You can always rely on the custom gun safe for several years, which degrades slowly. Buying a reliable gun safe is always a preferred option than buying a cheap safe of low quality.

You can even store the gun safe made of American steel outside without the need of worrying about the quality getting dipped over time!

American steel is resistant to tamper

The prime requirement of a gun safe is that it must be secure. American steel beats Chinese steel in all the aspects of security as it is tamper-resistant.

Thieves often look for guns when they break into your house as they mean handsome money. The gun safe which is tamper-resistant will be hard to break and thus, will keep your firearms secure from the criminals.

American steel is thicker than Chinese steel

American steel is 8x thicker than Chinese steel. Even the thieves won’t be able to cut the gun safe and your firearms are in safe hands.

A gun safe, which is made of thick steel is more secure as compared to the gun safe made from steel through which one can cut easily.

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American steel is environment-friendly

American steel, is made by firms who follow stern environmental regulations to protect the environment and reduce pollution. This does not have any effect on the quality of the gun safe, however, it does help in protecting the environment in which we live.

On the other hand, Chinese steel is not made while following the rules of environmental protection.


American steel offers several advantages over Chinese steel, which makes it easy to decide which steel you must choose. When the search of the best custom gun safe is being carried out, you must go for the one made with American steel.

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