Gift Baskets Made Easy – Vol. 1

It is said that the best gifts are the ones which are thoughtful and heartfelt. Baby Gift baskets will enable you to give many tiny but meaningful gifts which mean a lot to the recipient. It is not just the best gift for Easter or baby showers, you will also be able to gift them on birthdays and anniversaries. Purchasing a ready-made gift basket might increase your budget to a great extent.  There are various ways to make a gift basket at home.  Take a look at the steps to make the ideal gift basket.

Find the Right Container

baby gift baskets

The container does not have to be real basket. If you want you can use a tote, paper bag, or even a cardboard box. You need to think about the occasion and also the person that you are gifting prior to choosing the container. For instance, a tote or a beach bag is the best for an informal setting or when you plan to gift a friend on his/her birthday, baby shower or bachelorette party. In fact, you can also use mason jars for filling up with small gifts.  Make sure that you are as creative as possible and think outside the box when you are choosing the container for the project.

Think About the Decorations and Theme

baby gift baskets

Next step is to think about the decoration and theme of the baby gift baskets. You have to focus on the individual interest of the person and thereafter theme it appropriately.  After this, you have to choose items which complement one another and also the theme.  Any gift basket is pretty fun to open. Hence, you should not stress over the content.  In order to add decorations, you can use flowers, ribbons, buttons, and various other embellishments.  Make sure that the gift basket looks attractive. If you want you can check the internet for some photos of best gift basket. In case you are stuck on ideas, you can always go for food theme as there is a lot that you will be able to do with this theme.

Decide on the Budget

You will be able to make amazing gift baskets in very less amount of money. You simply have to decide on the theme and start from there. Get the supplies as per the theme of the baby gift baskets.  A majority of the supplies such as the accents, containers, and the decorations will be readily available at home.  You will be able to save a lot of money simply by buying these items. Hence, you can leave the budget on the remaining contents of the gift basket.

Assembling the Gift Basket

baby gift baskets

After you have gathered all the content, you need to arrange the items inside the basket. Make sure that you place a paper doily or a napkin at the bottom. Check if the breathable items are secured with the help of a wrapped cloth or tissue in order to prevent breakage. Place the tall items in the center and the medium-sized ones at the outer part. Keep the small ones in between. Sprinkle individually wrapped candies throughout the baby gift baskets. Wrap this up with the help of a cellophane paper. Take someone to help you with this step. Add a ribbon as it will offer a nice touch.

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